New TARDIS dematerialised regarding a playground in Colchester, Essex, making the fresh new Dy caught up throughout the TARDIS

New TARDIS dematerialised regarding a playground in Colchester, Essex, making the fresh new Dy caught up throughout the TARDIS

Once they have been reunited, your physician directed her to write an email so you’re able to his earlier in the day self so you’re able to head your to help you rent a flat out-of Craig Owens. She got upset during the Doc for finding Craig and Sophie along with her as he did not score their one. If you’re searching brand new Healthcare provider’s jacket pouch getting a pencil, she found a jewellery container, which has the woman engagement ring in the now-erased Rory. She couldn’t attach any memory so you’re able to they, however, experienced a mysterious partnership. (TV: The fresh new Lodger)

Getting an invitation in order to an effective reunion, the latest Dy reach galactic room-day co-ordinates 2-0-0-0-11-0 of the 01, in which they certainly were fulfilled by the an effective Dalek, a Cyberman, good rogue Ood and you will a whining Angel. All made an effort to kill the Doc basic, resulting in them assaulting each other and making it possible for the fresh new Dy so you’re able to avoid regarding the commotion. (COMIC: Doctor Just who additionally the Last Stand)

The fresh Dy got into the an asteroid in which a classic family endured. It found Professor Landale and Skip Clean got placed a state so you’re able to salvage liberties of the house, and that consisted of courses and you will video throughout the Ninth Dynasty out-of Arkatron and deactivated the alarms. They came across a person purporting becoming new residence’s curator called « Lester Forge ». Amy discover one’s body from Miss Dellman in addition to Dy realized that « curator » was a great prisoner named Maxim Klart, the fresh mastermind at the rear of this new Ninth Dynasty’s killings and disappearances and Skip Dellman’s murderer. Klart had been released away from their imprisonment into the an excellent stasis sleep in the event the alarm hit a brick wall. Your doctor reconnected brand new security alarm, together with bot guards place Klart back in his bed. The brand new Dy, Landale, and you will Sharp most of the decided to log off the place since it are discover, and not to share with some one about it. (PROSE: Magic of Arkatron)

Amy and the Doc visited Room Florida weekly till the incidents of the Physician’s erasure. (TV: The major Shag)

The newest Dy observe the brand new eldest speaking about the fresh new oldest globe of your world. The meaning had never been discerned. Utilizing the TARDIS’s interpretation matrix, he was thrilled that he and you may Amy certainly are the earliest to help you ever before read it. Coming to the new cliff deal with, they discover the fresh translated enjoy, « Good morning, Sweetie, » and you will a set of coordinates to have Stonehenge to your 21 January 102 Advertisement. (TV: The fresh Pandorica Opens)

A couple thousand many years sleep [ ]

On landing at the a beneficial Roman encampment near Stonehenge, Amy and also the Doctor fulfilled River Song again. For the a cave below Stonehenge, it receive the fresh new epic Pandorica and this bore a bold resemblance to new example of Pandora’s Container with the cover regarding Amy’s favorite publication off youngsters. She is assaulted by the disembodied direct out of an effective Cyberman. The latest centurions turned into Autons exactly who sensed on their own to feel real, the original certainly exactly who so you’re able to voluntary to become listed on River at the Stonehenge try an Auton incarnation of one’s removed Rory Williams. Amy did not acknowledge your in the beginning but gradually found think about, fundamentally turning to him and you may welcoming your to get the newest ring into the woman hand, your physician which have returned it so you’re able to your in the cave. The Alliance activated the brand new Autons, as well as Rory who had been not able to fight the new programming to capture Amy dead. (TV: The Pandorica Reveals)

She shown them an extended-hidden painting by Vincent van Gogh, This new Pandorica Opens up, and therefore illustrated the fresh Healthcare provider’s TARDIS bursting and you can drill the present day time and you may place encrypted rather than the device recommendations

Thankfully, a family doctor on time turned up thru River’s vortex manipulator, just before Amy had fully died. The guy trained Rory so you can totally free your regarding Pandorica and place Amy to the to keep this lady lifetime. His young worry about, free of the new pitfall, helped Rory to help you secure Amy in it to keep the girl alive for the next several millennia. Across the Physician’s objections, Rory joined to keep at the rear of and make certain the lady protection, drew his blade and sat right down to wait.

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