Calliope resembles Lil Cal’s name too, no matter if this is exactly most likely much more within the mention of the Caliborn

Calliope resembles Lil Cal’s name too, no matter if this is exactly most likely much more within the mention of the Caliborn

It is also a mention of the book Middlesex the spot where the intersex protagonist spends title « Cal » to help you portray its masculine front and you will « Calliope » or « Callie » so you’re able to depict the feminine edge of them.

Kalliope (the new goddess)is the reason icon was a crafting pill, such as Calliope’s really loved issue is actually their attracting pill. They shows her or him are a characterization of Homestuck fandom also, as the Homestuck is fairly the newest bbwcupid kvízy unbelievable story and will play with poetry on occasion.

She chose “ uranianUmbra ” as their on line deal with because of the girl love for worldwide Uranus’s novel rotation, even if whenever outlining so it in order to Roxy, the woman is struggling to remember the term to have a beneficial ball’s topspin – in the pond, the expression to possess putting a chance for the cue baseball are « english ». Umbra are Latin to own « shadow » (whence we get ‘umbrage’, meaning rage); for the English, it does imply a similar, but usually pertains specifically towards darkest section of a shadow. ‘UU’ plus completes the latest DNA motif of all other chumhandles/trolltags, symbolizing uracil.

The term « uranian » are a nineteenth-century term speaking about good « ladies psyche into the a masculine system ». Although Calliope isn’t technically in the a masculine human anatomy, you, later on, belongs to this lady equal, Caliborn. A beneficial soldier out-of each gender, which have pros and you may characters each and every.”

Uranus is even are not on the Sailor Moon character off Teno Haruka, a keen androgynous lesbian profile who is have a tendency to translated as being intersex and/otherwise nonbinary because of being called « both a guy and a female

Calliope is additionally a through-handed regard to Andrew Hussie’s abandoned graphic unique, Whistles Frequency You to: The new Starlight Calliope; a terrifying tale off a beneficial circus clown along with his misadventures when you look at the a vicious circus underground, in which genocide, prostitution, and you will cannibalism against clowns takes place.

Though Andrew Hussie stated that the guy will not care and attention exactly how readers pronounce things in Homestuck, inside the Greek myths, Calliope’s name is pronounced (kuh-lie-uh-pee) [k??la??pi?] although ancient greek obvious they (kah-li-o-pay) [kali???p?:]. Because of the circus enunciation, it’s (kAHl-ee-ohp) [?kali?p:].

Symbol [ ]

Calliope’s icon try a corner involving the caduceus (?), this new symbol of one’s Greek jesus Hermes, therefore the pole of Asclepius (?; that is also referred to as brand new Asklepios), the second where getting among the several Ophiuchus icons. By contrast, Caliborn’s speak symbol ‘s the most other, less frequent Ophiuchus icon. Except that as being the live messenger of one’s gods, Hermes has also been the guardian off boundaries together with site visitors whom cross her or him. Asclepius, simultaneously, is a therapist into the Greek mythology. As he passed away, he turned brand new constellation Ophiuchus.

Certain mythological services of the caduceus are thematically suitable for Calliope, such as for example its ability to « wake the fresh new sleep and you will publish the fresh conscious to sleep », and this the thing is that the way the a few halves away from a beneficial cherub key control of the body once they bed. It can be asserted that this new rod is also return the lifeless to life, an installing symbol to have a nature later restored by Band out-of Lifestyle.

In North america, the latest caduceus and you can Asklepios usually are baffled for just one various other, where the former is employed to indicate the health field, while it’s always portray business in other places. If you are Calliope uses this symbol, Caliborn spends japan-common icon for Ophiuchus that is an excellent tilde layered across the letter You, a conventionalized icon of one holding a serpent. This new tilde and additionally is comparable to Calliope’s bogus horns, every one of which is much like one of several entwined snakes. Their signal can be several adult cherubs mating, since adult cherubs become serpents if you’re mating. Further, her symbol might possibly be interpreted simply as a caduceus without having any wings, similar to how Caliborn predominated in advance of their body you’ll produce wings.

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